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Aboriginal Health Nurse

The Aboriginal Health Nurse is a Registered Nurse who provides assistance to patients and family members.

The Aboriginal Health Nurse can also provide information about processes to community health providers who are referring patients to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.  The Aboriginal Health Nurse can assist with,

  • Accessing Patient Travel Schemes for patients.
  • Providing information for patients and their family about hospital processes prior to admission or appointments or when they come into the hospital.
  • Providing information about processes to health care providers when they are referring a patient to the RAH.
  • Assisting the ward nurses with discharge planning and organising community nurses in the local community to visit in your home on discharge.
  • Arranging accommodation for patients and escorts from the country and interstate.
  • Arranging transport for patients and escorts from the country and interstate.

Contact details:

Office phone:  08 8222 2054

Or ring the hospital switchboard on 08 8222 4000 and pager 22636.

 Aboriginal Health Team Information Brochure (PDF 600kb)