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Accommodation Information for Guests: Residential Wing

The Board of Management, Royal Adelaide Hospital, has made rooms available in the Residential Wing (Telephone No: +618 8222 5169) for public use.

Types of Accommodation


This flat consists of 1 double bedroom, 2 single bedrooms, Lounge area, Dining area, Kitchen facilities, Toilet/shower facilities, Study room, Television Video, and Laundry.


This flat consists of 1 double bedroom, Toilet/shower facilities, Lounge room/breakfast bar, Television Video and Kitchen facilities.


These ensuites, which accommodate up to 4 people, consist of 2 bedrooms, toilet/shower facilities, small lounge/dining area with television, refrigerator, microwave, kettle and toaster. Other cooking must be done in the main kitchen area on each level, as the ensuites do not have full cooking facilities.


These rooms consists of a single bed /double bed,wardrobe,with shared facilities, lounge room, laundries,kitchens,toilets/showers. All these facilities are shared by male and female guests

Facilities Provided


The RAH Residential Wing has a NO SMOKING POLICY.

Kitchen, Bathrooms and Laundry

A large community lounge, kitchen, bathroom and laundry available on your floor. All these facilities are shared by male and female guests.

No kettles, toasters, or irons are allowed in the single bedrooms.

If the Fire Brigade are called out, you will be liable for the call out fee

Bedrooms are provided with a paging system. You may speak to the receptionist via the speaker in the ceiling of your room. When paged for a phone call please answer the ringing phone in the foyer on your level.


Multicoin telephones and phone cards are available for local, STD and ISD calls on some levels. The receptionist will be able to help you with change and phone cards required.


Your account must be paid on arrival to the receptionist on the ground floor . Major credit cards or cash will be accepted. Check out time by 11.00 a.m. RESIDENTS ARE REMINDED TO RETURN THEIR ROOM KEY TO THE RECEPTIONIST WHEN VACATING


You are responsible for the cleanliness of your own room. A cleaning charge may be imposed if the room is left in an unacceptable condition


Royal Adelaide Hospital does not provide any parking for residents.

For bookings or further enquiries contact:

Client Services Co Ordinator
Address: Royal Adelaide Hospital North Terrace
Phone: +618 8222 5169
Fax: +618 8222 4657