Radiation Oncology


The following section is based on an information brochure given to every new patient attending the department.

This type of information along with a video, which is available for viewing prior to the commencement of treatment, aims to provide as much information as possible to patients about the radiotherapy treatment process.

Before Treatment

All patients will be given an initial clinic appointment to the Department of Radiation Oncology to consult a Radiation Specialist about radiation therapy an treatment management. This visit is then followed with a series of radiotherapy treatment planning appointments after the patient's consent.

Radiotherapy treatment planning includes the latest designed Radiotherapy CT Scanner; the Mould Room and the most advanced 3D Computer Planning System.
Special devices are used to immobilise the patient in the correct treatment position.

The Mould Room manufactures head and neck perpex shells/casts for individual patients. Therefore some patients may need to attend the planning session on more than one occasion.

The Radiation Medical Specialist and the Radiation Therapist work on the planning CT images a tumour volumes to generate the optimal treatment plan for the patient using 3D planning computers system. The treatment plan is then put through a vigorous Quality Assurance process before being approved for treatment.

The entire planning process may take one to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the treatment plan.

During Treatment

The Department hours are usually between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. On occasions, treatment may need to be given between 8am and 6pm.

Patients report to the Booking Office at the foyer of the Hone Wing and the first visit for treatment. The nursing staff and radiation therapist will explain the treatment procedure and the care required for managing any potential side effects of the treatment.

Daily treatment appointments are confirmed at the Booking Office. Patients are encouraged to arrange any other appointments around radiotherapy treatment times.

Other Services

As part of a patient's overall care, there are other services that the Department can provide. The Department has a dedicated ward (B6) in the Cancer Centre for patients undergoing radiotherapy who require hospitalisation during their treatment. Referrals to the social worker, dietician, psychologist, dental unit, physiotherapist and others can be made, if required.

Free tea and coffee is available from the cafe bar located in the transport waiting area. There is also a soft drinks and snack dispenser. The Lavender Lads and Ladies provide free soup (and snacks for a small charge) between mid morning and lunchtime. The cafeteria on level 7, Services and Teaching block is open to the public. There is also a kiosk, bank, newsagent and other shops in the Hospital's main entrance foyer.

The Department also has trained volunteers who have had radiation therapy treatment and are available to talk to patients at any time. Please ask a staff member to arrange this through the Social Worker.

There is a map available of the department and there are signs on each level.

Further Information

Please see below contact sites for organisations containing information relating to cancer or radiotherapy.

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This website provides comprehensive information about most cancers, their treatment, and side effects.

External Link Cancer Council

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External Link NBCC (Breast Cancer)

Cancer information, RAH Cancer Centre Site


If there are questions specific to radiotherapy treatment or any other issues, please contact us by phoning/emailing;


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