This site is easy to operate - simply select a cancer type from the menu's above. Cancer types are sorted alphabetically and placed into 3 lists.

Each cancer page will provide a brief summary, treatments, drugs and side effects. This button -  BACK   is located at the top right of every page which will allow you to return to the previous page. The PAGE TOP  button is located at the bottom of every page and allows you to return to the top of the page.

In some sections you will notice that there are words highlighted in blue. This means that when you click on them you will link to a section which contains more information. For example, each chemotherapy drug will display a pop up window with a brief summary of side effects. Each listed side effect is linked to more information including the treatment for this side effect.

At the bottom if each cancer page is a link to a printable version displayed with the box below. This is provided as an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF) which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, this is freely available from the web site that is linked to the logo.

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