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GP Liaison Nurse

The position of GP Liaison Nurse at Royal Adelaide Hospital has been in operation since July 1996. The Liaison Nurse is a Clinical Nurse Consultant who works within Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The Liaison nurse provides a central, efficient and timely communication link to General Practitioners and their practice staff.

Good communication assists in the continuity of care as patients and their carers/relatives access Royal Adelaide Hospital services.

This service has been created for General Practitioners and their practice staff with the principle objective of improving liaison between RAH and referring GPs, thus enhancing continuity of patient care.

The Liaison Nurse should be utilised as the preferred method of contact when seeking information or contacting departments/people within RAH when the normal methods of communication are failing or you are experiencing delays. The Liaison Nurse will endeavour to provide the requested information in a timely and efficient manner. The services provided by the Liaison Nurse vary depending on the needs of the General Practitioners and their staff. To date these have included some of the following:

  • Providing feedback on patients that have been retrieved or transferred to RAH.
  • Inpatient progress
  • When having difficulties in accessing feedback and information on patients that have been referred to RAH.
  • Following up on copies of discharge summaries, outpatient letters, Emergency Department presentations, pathology, radiology and other information on patients discharged from RAH.
  • Assisting staff who are experiencing difficulties/delays in accessing Outpatient departments and other departments within RAH.
  • Locating the relevant medical staff for discussion with a GP.
  • Providing Emergency Department/Outpatient Department referral forms.
  • To update GP details on the RAH GP database. (If you have any change in details, ie phone, fax, address or new GPs to the practice etc, please contact the GP Liaison Nurse by phone, fax or email – see contact details below).
  • All queries/feedback relating to the RAH automatic notification faxing system and Electronic Separation Summary.

As a result of this liaison position, the following initiatives have been achieved:

  • Establishment of a single resource person within the Royal Adelaide Hospital to enable GPs to access information.
  • Development of a GP database.
  • Automated faxed notification of admission, discharge/death and Emergency Department presentations.
  • Development of a GP referral letter to the Emergency Department and Outpatient Services.
  • Increased awareness within the Royal Adelaide Hospital regarding the importance of GPs as the primary health carer.
  • In conjunction with the Gastro-Intestinal Service Unit (GIS), the development of a preadmission questionnaire, for completion by the GP and patient prior to surgery.
  • In conjunction with the Safety & Quality Unit, the development of Electronic Discharge Summaries.
  • Automated notification of appointment details when a referral is received for an Outpatient appointment or when patients do not attend their appointments.
  • Development of the Outpatient and Community Services Directory.

The GP Liaison Nurse service is available
Monday- Friday 8-00am – 4-00pm

The GP Liaison Nurse can be contacted on
(08) 8222 4000, pager 1440 or directly on (08) 8222 5633

If the office is unattended, please leave a message and your call will be returned.
Please feel free to Email any queries/requests
Fax: (08) 8222 5646