360 Panorama Helipad Quicktime VT

The Royal Adelaide Hospital would like to give you a rare opportunity to visit our new Helipad which is restricted to authorised access only.

Apple developed QTVR for creating interactive virtual reality scenes which is used on the next page to give you a full 360 degree view of Adelaide from the RAH Helipad.

QTVR scenes can be viewed on the Web using Netscape Navigator 3.0 b4 or later and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or later with the QuickTime Plug-in (which is included in the download of browsers) and QuickTime VR, depending on your operating system. If you don't have or can't use either browser, you can view QTVR scenes using the QTVR Player as a helper application to your browser or without a browser.

You can save QTVR scenes on the Web to your hard disk (by holding down the mouse button down on a Macintosh or the right button in Windows) and look at them any time using the QTVR Player.

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