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These web pages are aimed at Patients and Physicians seeking information on Nuclear Medicine, PET, Bone Densitometry or Urea Breath tests.

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Our department was established in 1968 to provide Nuclear Medicine diagnostic functions within the Royal Adelaide Hospital campus, and was one of the first Nuclear Medicine departments in Australia.

Over the past years, the department has been at the forefront of Nuclear Medicine and Bone Densitometry establishing new procedures and contributing to research. We also have a strong commitment to education, and are involved with training both nuclear medicine physicians and nuclear medicine technologists.

We are a multidisciplinary department comprising physicians, scientists and technologists allowing us to offer a wide of range of services to the whole of South Australia (including rural regions), and beyond.

If you have any queries about our services, have suggestions to improve these pages (including broken links) or require other information, please email us or telephone us on +61 (0)8 8222 5408.

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Associate Professor Barry Chatterton

Senior Director

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