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Smoking cessation


Patient screening at the RAH

All patients at the Royal Adelaide Hospital will be asked their smoking status on admission. Patients who smoke will be offered smoking cessation advice.

Medical, allied health and nursing staff can refer patients to the Wellness Centre if counselling is requested. The Wellness Centre offers a number of services for staff and patients, including quitting smoking advice, information and resources.

Patients can also self-refer to the Wellness Centre.

In addition, the Quitline can help you with all your questions about quitting smoking. The Quitline website is a good place to start, you can chat online to a Quitline counsellor or phone them on 13 7848.

If you are an Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander person who wants to quit smoking, the Quitline has Aboriginal counsellors available to support you. Visit Quitline's Who can support me? page for more information about the support that is available, or call 13 78 48. 

If you are a mum-to-be wanting information about quitting smoking, visit the Quitnow website.

For more information and tools to help you quit, such as the apps My Quit Buddy and Quit for You - Quit for Two, visit Quitnow.

Withdrawal and cravings

It’s understandable to be anxious about withdrawal and cravings if you are planning a quit attempt. But there are ways to make yourself more comfortable when stopping smoking. Visit I'm thinking of quitting - What are the different ways to quit on the Quitline website.

Withdrawal/recovery symptoms

Withdrawal is the body's response to getting rid of its dependence on nicotine. Some people prefer to give withdrawal symptoms a more positive spin by calling them ‘recovery symptoms’. For information about how to cope with them, visit I need support - Tips for the tough times on the Quitline website.


Even when you are no longer smoking, your body may crave a cigarette, particularly in situations where you used to smoke. For more information about dealing with cravings, visit I need support - Tips for the tough times on the Quitline website.

Reasons to quit smoking

Visit the Why Quit page on the Quitnow website for some good reasons to quit smoking.

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