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About the Physiotherapy Department logo

Physio logo The Physiotherapy Department logo was created to mark the centenary of physiotherapy at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 2002.

The three dark blue figures represent the range of patients with whom physiotherapists at the RAH work. Patients are depicted undertaking activities associated with their physiotherapy care – education, therapy and exercise programs aimed at improving their mobility, function and independence. The sequence of patients represents some of the stages of recovery from illness or injury in which physiotherapy is involved.

The physiotherapist is represented by the pale blue figure in the background of the image, this colour and position indicating that the focus of physiotherapy is the patient rather than the therapist. Physiotherapists do not merely apply techniques to patients but strive to enable the active participation of patients in their health care. As such the physiotherapist’s arms are positioned to indicate that the role of physiotherapy encompasses support, facilitation and motivation.

Equipment used by physiotherapists is also represented in the image. The circle depicts both a wheelchair that provides mobility, and a therapy ball that provides a dynamic challenge to improve balance and stability. The intersecting lines symbolise a stable base from which movement is facilitated, and the extension of the central patient’s arm represents a walking stick, used to enhance independence. This equipment is likewise depicted in subtle pale blue, indicating that they are aids to therapy and patient function rather than the focus of physiotherapy.

In creating and using this logo we aim to embody the activity and philosophy of the Physiotherapy Department in maximising the health and well being of the people we serve.