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The RAH has a strong record of clinical research, and also participates in a significant number of basic research programs in collaboration with IMVS and University of Adelaide laboratories including projects related to molecular biology, cancer research, bone and joint, infectious diseases, and heart disease. Various hospital departments (Gastrointestinal Medicine, Thoracic Medicine, the Rheumatology Unit, Cardiology, Renal Medicine) have laboratories in the Hanson Institute.

Applications for fellowships, scholarships and project grants are assessed and ranked annually by the Research Review Committee's two subcommittees. Six Student Vacation Scholarships were funded over the 1996/97 university summer vacation. The committee currently supports eleven Dawes Scholarships and three Florey Fellowships, and funded 11 project grants in 1997.

The Research Secretariat provides an administrative, human resource management, advisory and support service for holders of research grants in the RAH, the IMVS and the Hanson Institute. It maintains a register of research grants for the RAH and the IMVS, and monitors the use of research funds to ensure that the granting bodies conditions of award are met. The secretariat also acts as the clearing house for all grant applications to internal and external granting bodies, and publicises grants information regularly through its Bulletin. It liaises and negotiates with external granting bodies on behalf of grantholders and researchers. In addition, the secretariat provides an executive support service to the Research Review Committee and its two subcommittees, and to the Hanson Institute Management Committee.The Research Ethics Committee and the Investigational Drug Subcommittee continue to provide an important part of the infrastructure for human research activities at the RAH, IMVS, Hanson Institute, various University of Adelaide departments, and off campus such as Hampstead Centre, Eastern Community Mental Health Service, and various general practitioner groups.