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COVID-19 Bulletin - Commander update | 30 November 2020


5 pm | 30 November 2020

Hi everyone,

Today the IMT wanted to provide clarity around the wearing of masks at health sites, the current working from home arrangements and our COVID-19 clinics.

Mandatory mask wearing

From tomorrow, everyone on healthcare sites are required to wear surgical masks when on site. This applies to all:

  • staff and contractors, in every role at every site (including Statewide Clinical Support Service, SA Dental and those working at Roma Mitchell House)
  • patients and their families

There are few exceptions to mask wearing including; certain breathing difficulties, mental health conditions, communication with deaf or hard or hearing community members, or if a child is under 12 years of age.

While you may choose to wear a cloth mask outside of work, please wear the health service supplied mask while at work.

Staff within clinical environments are to wear PPE in accordance with their clinical exposure as defined in the SA Health PPE Matrix.

If you are not used to wearing a mask, this poster provides some simple information about how to safely put it on and take it off (also known as donning and doffing).

Mask supply

On Friday the logistics team delivered an initial supply of masks to admin (blue spaces) and non-clinical areas, and placed at mail delivery points across the RAH, and the reception desks at Hampstead, TQEH, Roma Mitchell House, Glenside and St Margaret’s. Please ensure you work at a local level to distribute them.

Staff in all other areas can access masks through their usual stock supply areas (ie imprests).

SA Dental will be providing specific information to staff in regards to mask advice for their sites.

Further supplies will need to be ordered through standard oracle ordering process (Oracle code 19047012).

Working from home

The current advice around working from home remains unchanged. Where you can work from home, you are encouraged to do so.

These arrangements will be in place for this week and advice for next week will be provided on Thursday.

COVID-19 clinic update

This week both the RAH and TQEH COVID-19 clinics will be open from 9am to 9pm.

Due to the current clusters, both TQEH and RAH will have a Women’s and Children’s Nurse at both sites to assist and teach the CALHN nursing staff to manage and swab children that present (pregnant women will still need to present to the W&CH hospital for swabbing).

The nurse will be operational from 9am to 5pm. We thank the W&CH nursing staff for the ongoing support to assist CALHN manage the SA COVID-19 population that require our care.

Keeping informed during COVID-19

We would like to again remind you that you can find the latest information on our COVID-19 staff portal. This site is regularly updated with staff information and resources.

We will also continue to regularly post to the CALHN Workforce Facebook Group. If you haven't yet joined this group, we encourage you to do so.

I have stepped back into the role of Network Commander for this week. Thank you to David Naughton for your efforts in the role last week.

Kathryn Zeitz
ALHN COVID-19 Commander

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