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COVID-19 Bulletin - Commander update | 5pm 24 November 2020


5pm | 24 November 2020

Hi everyone,

Today there is one new COVID-19 case in SA and we have one COVID-19 positive inpatient.

From tomorrow we will begin the gradual recommencement of some elective surgery, and we will keep you informed if there are any further changes regarding services provided onsite.

We understand that people are keen to get 'back to normal' however we need to continue to decompress our sites in order to support current guidelines around physical distancing. This includes non-essential staff continuing to work from home and the continued use of telehealth for outpatients.

We are following the direction of the Chief Public Health Officer, who today has once again reiterated that we are not quite out of the woods and that we must remain vigilant, practice good hand hygiene and physically distance. The government has advised that it will be until at least 1 December before we see further easing of restrictions.

As the situation has eased slightly, we will revert to sending you COVID-19 Bulletins as required rather than on a daily basis.

Please ensure you visit our CALHN COVID-19 staff portal for any information relating to our COVID-19 response or speak with your manager if you have any questions you wish to escalate to the incident management team.

Central COVID-19 live stream

Today over 480 staff joined us for our third COVID-19 live stream where we covered changes to the visitor directive, working from home, decompressing our sites and the new digital screen system.

For those who missed the session you can view it below.

Watch COVID-19 live stream – 24 November 2020

Update to visitor directive - effective immediately

The State Control Centre has advised that one adult visitor per patient, per day is now able to visit our hospital sites. Children under the age of 16 should not visit our hospital sites.

This directive is - as always - flexible on compassionate grounds, with any requests for additional visitors to be negotiated with the Nurse Unit Managers.

Visitor signage and public information has been updated today. If you would like to download an updated visitor sign click here or visit the CALHN COVID-19 staff portal.

If you cannot find the signage you require for you individual area, please contact the communications team at

Wearing masks while on site

To reiterate once again - as healthcare workers it is important that we lead by example and therefore we are asking that staff continue to wear masks on all CALHN sites where can they cannot physically distance.

To find out more about why you should wear a mask read our fact sheet.

Reminder - digital public health screening begins this week at the RAH

As previously mentioned over the past week, we have now implemented a new digitally enhanced front door screening process will be in place at the RAH to support our public health screening and enable contact tracing (should it be needed).

The new screening is in place for visitors from yesterday and will commence for staff from tomorrow using the ‘Sine Pro App’.

This screening is compulsory and will need to be used by all staff, contractors, Spotless staff, patients, carers and visitors to the RAH. The screening will be rolled out to other sites shortly.


To simplify the screening process for our workforce, staff are asked to download the Sine Pro app and check in and out of the building at your usual entrance by scanning the QR code.

Before each check in, staff will be able to electronically complete the COVID-19 screening questions.

In summary you are asked to:

  • download the free-of-charge Sine Pro app and register your details
  • scan the QR code at your usual entrance or as you come onto the site
  • complete the COVID-19 screening questions
  • scan the QR code at your usual exit (if location service are switched on, on your phone, this will happen automatically).

Staff who do not have a smartphone or who do not want to download the app can check-in using one of the designated staff check-in iPad kiosks currently located near the level 3 main entrance.

There will be information at all entrances and screening staff will remain in place while the new system is implemented.

It goes without saying, but please continue to remain vigilant and not attend work if you are unwell, and ensure that you follow the directions if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the screening questions.

For more information visit the CALHN COVID-19 staff portal or click here.


Any visitors coming through the main entrance on level 3 are asked to check in by entering their details and completing the COVID-19 screening questionnaire at one of the digital kiosks. A visitor badge sticker will be printed to for them to wear during their visit.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we implement this system. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Blood transfusions for COVID-19 patients

Please advise the blood bank if you have a COVID-19 positive patient who requires a blood transfusion so that the blood product can be packed appropriately. This advice can be provided by phoning the blood bank on 7074 5770

If you have any questions or are seeking further information regarding our COVID-19 response, please visit our CALHN COVID-19 staff portal or email the NICC at

David Naughton
CALHN COVID-19 Commander

COVID-19 Information

Find out more about COVID-19, including visitor restrictions, changes to our operations and information on where you can get your COVID-19 vaccine.

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