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COVID-19 CEO Bulletin | 1 September 2020


Hi everyone,

I wanted to remind you that as a health service, we all have a responsibility to enforce the SA Health visitor directive across our sites and services. While it may sometimes seem easier to let a few extra people slip through, it can have a negative impact and cause problems for your colleagues.

In South Australia, our community restrictions are far less stringent as compared to other states and in order to maintain this – it’s important that we are consistent and remain vigilant for sake of our patients and the community.

Clarification regarding Broken Hill patients

Following my bulletin last week we have received further clarification from SA Health on patients and visitors coming to our services from Broken Hill.

All Broken Hill patients are to be treated as South Australians upon accessing our services and therefore do not require droplet precautions or any other specific COVID-19 precautions. Please refer to the SA Health PPE matrix for the latest recommendations of PPE use.

All visitors, carers and accompanying travellers from Broken Hill will need to self-quarantine for 14 days on arrival in suitable accommodation. To visit a CALHN site during those 14 days an exemption will be required and when onsite, the visitor will be managed with droplet precautions and may need to be escorted by a hospital staff member.

The travel advice provided for Broken Hill patients regarding border crossings in my bulletin last week remains correct.

PPE update

As part of my COVID-19 bulletins, I have been regularly including the number of days PPE supply. Last week I asked for some feedback on whether you found this useful, and I received a query about how the numbers compare with our current PPE use, and what would happen should we see an increase in use due to COVID-19 cases.

The PPE projections that I share with you are based on our current use of PPE. We count our stock level every day and if we were to see an increase in COVID-19 presentations, we would experience an increase in demand for PPE which would be captured in our monitoring as well as our usage modelling. We would then ensure our stock on hand is increased to reflect the higher demand.

I understand that people are anxious about PPE supplies, however I want to ensure you that we have a significant amount of stock available to us should we see an increase in demand for PPE.

What many of you may see within the imprest, and the figures I report, make up a part of what we have readily available at anytime.

Should we see an increase in demand, we would replenish stock from within our Level 1 bulk stores, from the state-wide distribution centre and, in the case of an emergency, from the additional 7-day supply of PPE we have stored for CALHN in a secure location.

Our greatest priority is to ensure that you have all you need to remain safe. I am more than confident in our ability to meet the demand. Our facilities team work tirelessly to continue to source and secure stock as its needed and monitor our needs very closely.

As of today, we have 46.2 days of L2 masks, 34.7 days of surgical L3 masks, 25.5 days of surgical L2 masks and 20 days of surgical gowns available on site.

Current situation

Today I am pleased to advise that again there are no new cases in South Australia.

Victoria has recorded another decrease in cases with 70 new cases. Sadly, Victoria has recorded another five deaths over the past 24 hours.

New South Wales has reported 11 new cases as of 8pm yesterday, Queensland has recorded one new case.

In August the RAH Clinic tested a total of 2916 people. This is down from the 4331 that we tested in July and based on this reduced demand the additional tent that was put in place during the August peak will be removed tomorrow morning.

As I continue to remind everyone, it is very important that we remember to maintain physical distancing to ensure that we keep our patients, visitors and staff safe, and if you’re sick – stay home (and get tested!).

I know that it is difficult to physically distance at times in the workplace however please do adhere to the 1.5 metres wherever possible.

I was disappointed to hear that on Friday more than 20 staff left a staff lift all at the same time! I know you’re keen to get home after work, but you are expected to adhere to our physical distancing limits no matter how inconvenient it can seem. We really need to be role models as the community expect it from us and certainly let us know when are not meeting those expectations.

And as I always say...‘If not us...then who’.

Lesley Dwyer

Chief Executive Officer

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

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