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Hi everyone,

Yesterday the IMT conducted the latest gate review to assess the current COVID-19 situation both here and interstate and made recommendations for our next steps, preparedness and planning.

The IMT agreed that we will remain at CoSTAT 1 and focus on ensuring we are in the best position to be resilient and respond as necessary.

At the Gate Review modelling we have undertaken for most likely, most conservative and worst case scenarios for our RAH general and ICU demand were presented. These models have been based on experiences in Germany and more recently activity in Victoria. An update was provided on current PPE supplies, mutual aid requests and work on managing our vulnerable populations were just some of the topics presented.

If you have any suggestions that you would like the IMT to consider based upon your experiences, please raise them with your manager to escalate to the IMT.

PPE Update

As you may be aware from David Shaw’s video last week, we have a number of N95 masks (now known as PFRs or Particulate Filter Respirators) that had an expiry date of the end of July and August 2020.

SA Health has had these PFRs independently re-tested at VicLabs and I am pleased to advise that they passed the tests.

The tests undertaken on the respirators included security of attachments, simulated wear treatment, inhalation resistance and test of particulate filtering efficiency.

As such, SA Health has approved the continued use of this stock until the end of September 2020 based on the successful test result and following this date they will be retested if any stock still remains.

This testing was important as we still have a number of staff that are only fit tested to these types of PFRs and we wanted to be able to ensure that we could use this stock – if necessary – while fit testing continues across our network.

As of today we currently have 19.8 days of L2 masks, 13.4 days of surgical L2 masks, 30.7 days of surgical L3 masks and 20.5 days of surgical gowns available on site.

Face shields are also accessible via the distribution centre and are being added to all imprests within CALHN.

There is also a significant amount of stock on hand within the distribution centre and we have an additional 7-day supply of PPE in a secure location that can be accessed on request of the IMT should we see a sudden increase in demand.

Children on site

I wanted to remind you that children under 16 years are not currently permitted on our hospital sites. Exceptions would be where a person under 16 is receiving treatment or where we demonstrate flexibility in palliative care situations.

Current situation

Today I am pleased to advise that we have had no new cases in South Australia.

Looking across Australia, Victoria has recorded 240 new cases – an increase from yesterday’s total of 216 cases and sadly there have been a further 13 deaths. New South Wales has reported seven new cases as of 8pm last night, Western Australia have had four new cases linked to a family currently in hotel quarantine and Queensland recorded a case that has links to overseas and interstate travel.

Since Monday the RAH Clinic has tested 217 people.

As I have said above it is very important that we remember to maintain physical distancing to ensure that we keep our patients, visitors and staff safe.

And as I always say...‘If not us...then who’.

Lesley Dwyer

Chief Executive Officer

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

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