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COVID-19 CEO Bulletin | 27 July 2021


27 July 2021

Hi everyone,

What great news today with no new COVID-19 cases in South Australia and the Premier confirming the South Australian lockdown will officially end at one minute past midnight tonight.

While the lockdown will be lifted for the broader South Australian community, there are still many people who will need to continue to quarantine due to their connection with exposure sites. Currently around 19,800 South Australians have been linked to an exposure site. If you are one of those we ask that you complete your full quarantine requirements as advised and look after yourself.

We are still at heightened risk and some restrictions will remain in place across the state. You can find out more about the broader community restrictions from the SA Government’s COVID-19 website soon.

Across CALHN we will continue with the following approach for at least the next week:

- Continue to limit face-to-face meetings and use Microsoft Teams wherever possible

- Ensure that physical distancing is maintained by applying the 1 person per 4 square metre rule in all areas including meeting rooms and offices

- If you are currently working from home, you can continue to do so. While working at home, staff are encouraged to complete mandatory training within Learning Central. Look out on our Facebook workforce group for daily quizzes to help you prepare for accreditation

In addition, food and drink sites will continue to open up across our sites with Retreat and Sushi Sushi opening at the RAH from tomorrow. There will be limited seating, in line with the density restriction, however, take away will continue to be available.

Mask wearing

At the press conference today, there was a very strong emphasis on mask wearing – beyond what was in place before the lockdown with the Chief Public Health Officer stating, “If you can wear a mask – do so.”

Mask wearing will continue to be mandatory for all healthcare services and high-risk settings until otherwise advised.

CALHN has a number of staff who are not based on a healthcare site (including at Roma Mitchell House) and while it has not been mandated, if you can wear a mask please do so unless you are by yourself in an office.

Masks are also to be worn when you are moving around public or shared spaces such as photocopiers, lunch areas and lifts.

As those who work for a healthcare organisation, it is important that we model the public health advice around mask wearing.

For further information on mask wearing in the community keep an eye on the SA Health Facebook page.


With the lifting of lockdown we will be reverting to the 1 visitor, per patient, per day approach and will be updating signage across the network in the next 24 hours. Our flexibility regarding compassionate situations will continue to apply.

Constantly changing signage across all of our sites really is a mammoth task and I’d like to thank the facilities team and the communications team for their support with this.

COVID-19 vaccinations

Today the pop-up vaccination clinic at TQEH vaccinated 50 staff on the COVID-19 pathway. Both this clinic and the RAH pop up clinic have been successful – thank you to the Wayville team for facilitating these.

Having a vaccination is one of the best strategies to keep our workforce and our patients safe. You can drop-in to any of these locations to get your vaccination and I encourage you to speak with your manager about how you attend during work time, and if you need transport support to get there.

I want to remind you all that household members of staff working on the COVID-19 pathway are eligible to receive vaccination in line with the Australian Government recommendations through the Wayville drop-in service.

This is only available to those who live with, or are in an intimate relationship with staff that work in the RAH & TQEH ED, and RAH ICU, Anaesthetics, 6GG, 102 and COVID-19 active wards as they carry the greatest risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Red zone mandatory vaccinations

We continue to seek clarification about this requirement and will communicate with you as soon as we have more information. I know that this may be frustrating for some of you.

In the meantime, please go get vaccinated if you are yet to do so – it really will help to protect you, your family and our patients.


We continue to have large supplies of PPE available, and as of today, we have 41,696 N95 masks, 94,440 surgical L3 masks, 6,070 eye protection and 46,210 surgical gowns available on site.

There are also significant supplies at the distribution centre (including 8,757,490 N95 masks!) in addition to a further 7-day supply of PPE in a secure location that can be accessed on request of the IMT should we see a sudden increase in demand.

At this stage, our COVID-19 preparedness status (CoSTAT) remains at CoSTAT2. This will be reviewed later in the week.

Today will be the last of my daily bulletins, however be assured if there is something critical that needs to be communicated I will re-instate them. Otherwise I will write to you all on Friday in my usual CEO message.

As always, please visit the COVID-19 staff portal for the latest COVID-19 clinical resources, tools and FAQs, and the Workforce Facebook page for the latest updates.

Thank you to everyone who has been and continues to be involved in our COVID-19 response.

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