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COVID-19 Command Bulletin | 7 December 2020


3.15 pm | 7 December 2020

Hi everyone,

The Incident Management Team has now moved to meeting three times per week and with that comes a change to the communications approach.

After today, all communications related to COVID-19 will be included in the CALHN Update which is distributed on a Monday and a Wednesday or in the CEO Bulletin on a Friday. However, if something requires urgent communication on other days a separate bulletin will be issued.

Updated information about the wearing of masks across Central Adelaide LHN sites.

The Emergency Management (Public Activities No 15) Direction 2020 has been updated.

All people in healthcare settings must wear a mask (covering mouth and nose) at all times when in the physical presence of other people on the premises – this includes care providers, patients, administrative and other staff, visitors, students, contractors and any other person on the premises.

The updated directive includes additional exceptions for inpatients as outlined below.

Exceptions to wearing masks in healthcare settings now include:

  • A patient or client and/or a person providing care is not required to wear a mask if the wearing of a mask will hinder the provision of the relevant care and/or impact patient or client safety.
  • Hospital inpatients are generally not expected to wear masks except when being transported through public spaces.
  • A person receiving individual care in their own home is not expected to wear a mask.
  • A person is not required to wear a mask if they have a relevant medical condition, including problems with their breathing, a serious condition of the face, a disability or a mental health condition.
  • A person is not required to wear a mask in circumstances where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication, such as to enable communication by or with any person who is deaf or hard of hearing.
  • A patient or client under the age of 12 is not required to wear a mask.
  • A resident or live-in staff member of a residential care facility is not required to wear a mask, including in circumstances in which it is not possible to comply with the physical distancing principle.
  • A person will be considered to be in the physical presence of another person if they are in the same room as that other person.

Cloth masks v surgical masks

While cloth masks are popular within the community, all CALHN staff are to continue to use health service supplied surgical mask while on site. Visitors coming onto a CALHN site are to be offered a health service supplied surgical mask to wear while on site.

A very COVID Christmas

Our Infection Prevention and Control Unit have developed two fact sheets to assist staff to celebrate the festive season in a COVID-19 safe manner.

Both the Guide to safe functions and the Guide to safe Christmas decorating fact sheets are available from the COVID-19 staff portal under clinical resources and tools > infection control management..

Kathryn Zeitz
CALHN COVID-19 Commander

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