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Outpatient referrals


All referrals received by outpatient clinics will be reviewed to determine the clinical urgency of the patient’s condition. All appointments are scheduled based on patient clinical need.

Wait times for an outpatient appointment will vary depending on the level of demand for the service.

Outpatient Call Centre & Referral Management Hub                                

Tel: 1300 153 853

Fax: (08) 7074 6247

External Mail Delivery Point: 21

Please note, the Outpatient Call Centre and Referral Management Hub should not be utilised for the following services:

• Renal Outpatient
• Cancer Outpatient (Oncology, Haematology, Medical Oncology)
• Pain Management Unit Outpatient
• Thoracic Medicine Outpatient (Lung Function Lab, Sleep Studies, TB Services)
• Burns Unit Outpatient
• Oral Maxillary and Dental Services
• Palliative Care 

For further information, view the Royal Adelaide Hospital Contact List

How to make a referral 

All patients require a valid referral prior to receiving treatment in an outpatient clinic. Referrals must be submitted in writing and should contain the required minimum data to ensure timely and appropriate decision making.

A patient can be referred to and see a specialist doctor of choice, provided the doctor is available for appointment within suitable timeframes, based on clinical need. 

To be treated as a Medicare bulk billed (private) patient in an outpatient clinic and see a specialist doctor of choice, a patient can be referred to a named specialist.

If a referral is not written to a named specialist, the patient will be seen by a doctor of the hospital’s choice as a public patient.

All outpatients are seen on the basis of clinical need. If the named specialist doctor is not available within a clinically appropriate timeframe another doctor may see the patient to ensure the necessary care is provided.

To assist this process, a statewide referral form has been developed (in long and short versions) and is available to download below, or on the SA Health website.

Specialty referral forms are available on the SA Health Website

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