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Information for the community, patients, and our workforce

Specialist bulk billing doctors


The specialists listed below provide Medicare bulk billed (private) outpatient services at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Private patients will be bulk billed to Medicare and will incur no out of pocket expenses.

The income from Medicare bulk billing helps the doctor and the hospital provide better services and equipment.

All patients have the choice to be seen as a public patient by a doctor chosen by the hospital.

Doctors by service and clinic

Autonomic Medicine

Dr Rachel Wells

Breast Endocrine

Dr Janne Bingham
Dr Melissa Bochner
Dr James Kollias
Dr Robert Whitfield


Dr Marcus Wagstaff
Dr John Greenwood (Burns Reconstruction)


Dr Kurt Roberts-Thomson (Arrhythmia)
Dr Dale Ashby
Dr Julie Bradley
Dr Michael Brown
Dr Enzo De Angelis
Dr Patrick Disney
Dr Peter Steele
Dr Ivan Straznicky
Dr Richard Yeend
Dr Dale Ashby (High Risk)


Dr Matthew Lawrence
Dr Mark Lewis
Dr Tarik Sammour
Dr Michelle Thomas


Prof David Torpy (Diabetes Medical)
Dr Lucia Gagliardi
A/Prof Sanghamitra Guha
A/Prof Sanghamitra Guha (Diabetes Medical)
Dr David Jesudason
Prof David Torpy
Dr Ian Chapman
Prof Campbell Thompson (Obesity)
Dr Devika Thomas (Osteoporosis)
Prof David Torpy (Pituitary)

Ear, nose and throat (ENT)

Dr Andrew Foreman (Voice Clinic)
Dr Andrew Foreman (Voice Clinic)
Dr John Charles Hodge (Voice Clinic)
A/Prof Surendranath Krishnan (Voice Clinic)


Dr Mandy Callary
Dr Deepal Lecamwasam
Dr Robert Prowse


Dr Martin Oehler
Dr Martin Oehler (Gynaecology Oncology)


Dr Thean Hsiang Tan


Dr Peter Bautz
Dr Paul Dolan
Dr Eu Ling Neo


Dr William Smith (Allergy)

Infectious Diseases (ID)

Dr David Shaw
Dr Narin Bak
Dr Andrew Beckwith
Dr Charlotte Bell
Dr Jennifer Catford
Dr Mahesh Ratnayake
Dr Brett Ritchie
Dr Emily Rowe
Dr Russell Waddell
Dr Emily Rowe


Dr Edmund Tse (Liver Diseases)

Multidisciplinary Ambulatory Consulting Service (MACS)

Dr Jane Conway
Dr Rami Tadros
Dr Josephine Thomas

Medical Oncology

Dr Michael Brown
Dr Jonathon Hogan-Doran
Dr Nicholas Murray
Dr Meena Okera
Dr Sudarsha (Sid) Selva-Nayagam
Dr Nimit Singhal
Dr Brian Stei
Dr Harminder Takhar
Dr Thean Hsiang Tan
Dr Anne Taylor


Dr Jeff Faunt (Medical 2A)
Dr Jane Hecker (Medical 2A)
Dr Maria Dellamalva (Medical 3A)


A/Prof Thomas Kimber (Botox)
Dr Christopher Kneebone (Botox)
Dr James Temlett (Botox)
Dr Michelle Kiley (Epilepsy)
Dr Martin Robinson (Epilepsy)
Dr Christopher Kneebone (Immunology)
Dr Janakan Ravindran (Immunology)
A/Prof Thomas Kimber
Dr Janakan Ravindran
Prof James Temlett
A/Prof Thomas Kimber (Parkinsons)


Dr Amal Abou-Hamden
Dr Marguerite Harding
Dr Andrew Zacest


Doctor on duty (no private specialists)


Doctor on duty (no private specialists)

Perioperative Medicine

Dr Catherine Gibb (High Risk)
Dr Dylan Toh (High Risk)


Dr Robert Whitfield (Melanoma)
Dr Marcus Wagstaff (Plastics General)

Radiation Oncology

Dr Braden Higgs
Dr Scott Carruthers
Dr Peter Gorayski
Dr Raghavendra Gowda
Dr Braden Higgs
Dr Hien Vinh Le
Dr Rahul Mukherjee
Dr Michael Penniment
Dr Susan Wiltshire
Dr Hui Chin Tee


Dr Shantanu Bhattacharjya
Dr Robert Carroll
Dr Philip Clayton
Dr Susan Crail
Dr Tony Elias
Dr Randall Faull
Dr Shilpanjali Jesudason
Dr Ewan Macaulay
Dr Stephen McDonald
Dr Chen Au Peh
Dr Graeme Russ
Dr Christine Russell
Dr Robert Carroll (Renal Transplant)
Dr Patrick (Toby) Coates (Renal Transplant)
Dr Randall Faull (Renal Transplant)
Dr Graeme Russ (Renal Transplant)
Dr Christine Russell (Renal Transplant)


Dr Susanna Proudman (Early Arthritis)
Dr Rachel Black (General Rheumatology)
Dr Peter Penglis (General Rheumatology)
A/Prof Vidya Limaye
Dr Susanna Proudman
Dr Susanna Proudman (Scleroderma)
Dr Peter Penglis (Spondylo Psoriasis)


Dr Brian Freeman (Spinal Surgery)
Dr Yun-Hom Yau (Spinal Surgery)


Dr Peter Bautz
Dr Christopher Dobbins (Surgery Trauma)
Dr Shivangi Jog (Surgery Trauma)
Dr Richard Smith (Surgery Trauma)

Thoracic Medicine

Dr Ral Antic (Cancer)
Dr Phan Tien Nguyen (Cancer)
Dr Judith Morton (Cystic Fibrosis)
Dr Ral Antic (Sleep)
Dr Dien Dang (Sleep)
Dr Aeneas Yeo (Sleep)
Dr Simone Barry (TB)
Dr Phan Tien Nguyen (TB)
Dr Ral Antic
Dr Simone Barry
Dr Sally Chapman
Dr Dien Dang
Dr Hugh Greville
Dr Mark Holmes
Dr Chien-Li Holmes-Liew
Dr Hubertus Jersmann
Dr Judith Morton
Dr Paul Reynolds


Dr Janne Bingham (Thyroid Surgery)
Dr Melissa Bochner (Thyroid Surgery)
Dr James Kollias (Thyroid Surgery)
Dr Robert Whitfield (Thyroid Surgery)

Upper Gastroenterology (GI)

Dr Jonathan Shenfine (Upper GI Surgery)
Dr Sarah Thompson (Upper GI Surgery)
Dr Richard Holloway (Gastroenterology)
Dr Paul Kuo (Gastroenterology)
Dr Mark Schoeman (Gastroenterology)
Dr William Tam (Gastroenterology)
Dr Edmund Tse (Gastroenterology)
Dr Jane Andrews (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Dr Nam Quoc Nguyen (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


A/Prof Nicholas Brook

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