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A look at ‘Technical Completion’ and what it means

A significant step forward in the delivery of the new RAH, Technical Completion triggers the commencement of a staged transition, including rigorous testing and commissioning activities.

Technical Completion

First off, what is Technical Completion? Well, this means construction is largely complete and we can start preparing the building to receive patients. It also triggers the all-important testing and training period which will run for at least the next 90 days.

Facility Transition Period

The testing and training period is referred to as the Facility Transition Period (FTP). During FTP arduous testing and commissioning is undertaken by SA Health and our private sector partner to ensure that everything that has been purchased and installed throughout the new hospital is safe to use and is fully functional prior to the official opening.

This includes running 'real time' scenario tests which act as a series of dress rehearsals involving over 750 staff and Central Adelaide Local Health Network volunteers, Spotless staff and other government agencies including fire, police and ambulance. Over 20 scenarios will be undertaken, including:

  • motor vehicle accident helipad arrivals
  • people presenting with heart attacks
  • acute abdomen pain
  • stroke
  • respiratory diseases
  • renal complications.

Some of the other critical testing and commissioning activities during this time include:

  • assessing outpatient services
  • day surgery admissions
  • managing people coming to the hospital with acute psychosis
  • the testing of all emergency response codes (such as Code Red, Code Black and Code Brown)
  • how to deal and respond to pandemic infectious diseases and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear situations involving multiple-persons.
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