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Rockin’ the RAH

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Mathew found joy in playing the piano that sits in the main foyer at the RAH

Mathew was at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) due to complications from a recent operation and used his love of music to bring happiness to the hospital community including other patients, visitors and staff members. 

The baby grand piano that sits in the RAH’s main foyer was donated by the late David Pope, a regular patient, to create a better, healing environment. The piano is now an iconic part of the hospital and is played regularly by professional pianists, retired music teachers and student doctors, as well as visitors and patients like Mathew.

Mathew played the piano every night during his stay and wasn’t shy to impress the spectators with his favourite music, such as the Beatles and Billy Joel.

“Music has a way of making people feel better,” he says. “Lots of people came and had a chat - staff members, visitors and patients.  

“One of the patients told me of his fight with cancer, with only a few weeks to live. His mother had always wanted him to play the piano so I showed him how to play a blues scale and jammed with him for 10 minutes. I think it made both of us feel better”.

Through a GoFundMe account, Mathew raised close to $2,500 which he donated to the Centre for Creative Health. The money will be used to purchase guitars for the hospital community and iPods to allow patients to listen to their favourite music in their rooms.

“I can’t wait to get these guitars and watch the patients play them. The piano in the foyer has kept me going - she’s a beauty to play.

“Thank you to everyone who donated. Your gift to the hospital will make many people happy in their time of struggle”. 

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