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CALHN Research Services


CALHN Research Services is responsible for the governance and ethical acceptability of research activities conducted at sites across the network, including the Royal Adelaide Hospital. CALHN Research Services oversees all aspects of research at CALHN including:

  • Review of research governance applications
  • Provision of advice on research governance matters to a range of parties reflecting policies, guidelines and other reference material adopted by the jurisdiction
  • Provision of advice to researchers, research sponsors and other parties involved in the conduct and management of research
  • Monitoring of research conducted at relevant sites within CALHN’s jurisdiction
  • Review of contracts and agreements applicable to research


CALHN Research Governance

Telephone: (08) 7117 2231

CALHN Research (Low/Negligible Risk projects)

Telephone: (08) 7117 2230

CALHN Research Grants

Telephone: (08) 7117 2217

CALHN Research Ethics

Telephone: (08) 7117 2229

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