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Case Reports


Case reports aim to improve global health and increase clinical understanding by conveying important best practice information or by sharing teaching points from rare or unusual situations.

  • Case studies should not encompass large populations/numbers of patients
  • The author(s) must be involved in the direct care of the patient
  • The author(s) must obtain written consent from the patient (where practical)
  • All information including images/photographs must be de-identified/non-identifiable

Consent must be obtained from participants via the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) Case Report Patient Consent Form.


Discuss the proposal with the patient

  • Obtain written consent from the patient
  • Draft the case report
  • Obtain head of department approval
  • Submit to CALHN Research Services:
    • The signed patient consent form
    • The abstract
    • Approval by the medical/nursing/allied health lead, clinical practice director, or equivalent (email is sufficient)

For further information contact CALHN Research Services on 08 7117 2224, or via email at

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