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Structure and governance


The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) forms a critical part of the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN), which brings together two hospitals and a significant number of rehabilitation, mental health, primary health care and state-wide services.

CALHN is responsible for promoting and improving the health of people living in central metropolitan Adelaide and the broader community through the delivery of integrated healthcare and hospital services.

While the primary catchment for CALHN is Adelaide’s central metropolitan region, a substantial number of people from rural, remote, interstate and overseas locations also access CALHN services.

 This is due to the Network’s program of highly specialised and state-wide services, which include:

  • The Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Hampstead Rehabilitation Hospital
  • GP Plus and Primary Health Care Centres
  • SA Dental Services
  • SA Prison Health Service
  • SA Pathology
  • SA Imaging
  • SA Pharmacy
  • SA Biomedical Engineering 
  • SA Cancer Service
  • Breastscreen SA 
  • DonateLife SA
  • Sub-acute and mental health services.

CALHN is one of five Health Networks in South Australia, established as incorporated hospitals under the Health Care Act 2008. The other networks include:

  • Northern Adelaide Local Health Network
  • Southern Adelaide Local Health Network
  • Women’s and Children’s Health Network
  • Country Health SA Local Health Network.

The Health Networks are accountable to the State Government for performance management and planning. Each network services a specific geographical location, as well as state-wide functions.

CALHN Health Advisory Council (Governing Council)

As with each of the networks, CALHN is supported by a Governing Council whose key roles are to monitor and provide advice on improving clinical care outcomes across the organisation.

The Governing Council focuses on local service integration, performance, the safety and quality of services and consumer engagement.

The Governing Council’s membership includes:

  • Mr Terence Evans, Presiding Member (Chair)
  • Ms Virginia Deegan
  • Mr Benton Ellery
  • Mr Rob DiMonte
  • A/Professor Christopher Zeitz
  • Ms Nicola Kildea
  • Mr Dean Fyfe
  • Professor Justin Beilby.

Organisation and reporting structure

The Chief Executive Officer, CALHN is accountable to the Chief Executive, Department for Health and Ageing (DHA) who has overall responsibility for services provided by the public health system.

The Chief Executive, DHA is responsible to the Minster for Health, the Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse and the Minister for Ageing for the management, administration and delivery of services.

CALHN is required to achieve a set of key performance indicators which aim to improve access and equity to services and the efficiency with which services are provided.

CALHN’s Executive Management Team reports directly to the CEO and consists of the organisation’s Executive Directors and Clinical Directors who each hold an executive portfolio. 

The Executive Management Team meets regularly to consider operational decisions, review performance and steer CALHN’s strategic direction. 

Chief Executive Officer

The Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) is Jenny Richter. As the former SA Health Deputy Chief Executive, Jenny’s leadership skills and expertise were invaluable moved to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. In addition to her knowledge and experience from working at SA Health for many years, Jenny has recently played a key role in the preparation and planning for the transition to the new hospital.

Chief Operating Officer

Helen Chalmers was appointed to the role of Interim Chief Operating Officer (COO) on 14 March 2017. Helen has extensive experience in the health industry, including five years as COO with Country Health SA Local Health Network and a range of executive roles in the UK, including as Executive Director Operations and interim Chief Executive for the Mackay Hospital and Health Service.

Executive Director, new RAH Activation

As Executive Director, new RAH Activation, Paul Lambert has been instrumental in steering the new Royal Adelaide Hospital project. Paul has extensive experience in the health sector at an executive and clinical level, having held a number key leadership positions within CALHN including the Deputy COO and Executive Director of Allied Health.

Chief Finance Officer

Shaun Eldridge is CALHN’s Chief Financial Officer. Shaun previously worked as the Chief Financial Officer of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service in North Queensland for two years. Prior to this, he held similar roles in the Victorian public health system for 19 years.

Executive Director, People and Culture

Anna Gabrielli is the Executive Director of People and Culture at CALHN. Anna has extensive experience and strengths in human resources and industrial relations management. Previously, Anna served as Executive Director Corporate Services at Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA).

Executive Director Medical Services

As Executive Director Medical Services, Dr Donald Mackie boasts significant experience in medical administration and clinical leadership. Previously he served at the New Zealand Ministry of Health as Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Director General: Clinical Leadership, Protection and Regulation. Before that, he was Chief Medical Officer at Counties Manukau DHB in Auckland which includes Middlemore, one of New Zealand's busiest acute hospitals. Originally specialising in Anaesthesia, Don has also worked in the UK and USA.

Executive Director Allied Health

Matthew McInnes is the Executive Director, Allied Health CALHN. Matthew was formerly Director of Allied Health for the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network.

Executive Director Nursing

 Jackie Wood, Nursing Co-Director Service Improvement, is acting as CALHN’s Executive Director Nursing until February 2018.

Programme Director State-wide Services

Julie Hartley-Jones is Programme Director for State Wide Services. Julie has significant experience as a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nurse in the UK and New South Wales, and was most recently Chief Executive at Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service in Queensland for over seven years.

Clinical Director Mental Health

Dr Leslie Stephan is the Interim Clinical Director for the Mental Health Directorate within CALHN. Dr Stephan has been a member of the CALHN Mental Health service for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge of the service.

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