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Pain Management Unit


The Pain Management Unit at Royal Adeliade Hospital (RAH) provides services through a multidisciplinary outpatient model.

The unit conducts assessment and treatment for persistent, chronic pain and provides patients with a comprehensive management plan involving an integrated team of specialists.

The plan aims to address the physical and psycho-social factors that may impact on the persistence of pain and its consequent disability.

The Pain Management Unit provides comprehensive support for cancer patients at the RAH.

The unit provides offers and advice to other hospitals and health services across Adelaide, regional South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Outpatient service

The Pain Management Unit provides services for patients with both chronic and cancer pain.

Referrals are received from general practitioners, specialists and from inpatient medical teams.

If the patient is new to the service, they are sent a patient survey which they are required to complete.

They must also attend an education session in order to be accepted into the service.

However, the GP or referring doctor can discuss the urgency with the unit and these steps may be bypassed in certain circumstances.

Patients can be seen at home, particularly palliative patients with intrathecal pumps. This is usually managed by Bolton Clarke (formerly the Royal District Nursing Service).

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