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Geriatric Medicine


As Geriatricians, we diagnose and treat conditions that are common in older, frail people.

These may include specific problems such as memory issues, problems with falls and movement, continence and other general health issues.

A Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) is usually carried out to assess and treat a variety conditions, so we can help and improve our patients' physical and mental health, independence and quality of life. We aim to provide a holistic and personalised approach for each patient.

At the Royal Adelaide Hospital, our team works in a variety of clinical setting and includes:

  • consultant specialist geriatricians
  • nurse consultants
  • trainee doctors
  • specialist nurses and therapists.

Geriatricians at RAH

  • Dr Ishita Batta - Co-Head of Royal Adelaide Hospital, Department of Geriatric and Rehabilitation Medicine Unit
  • Dr Chloe Furst - Co-Head of Royal Adelaide Hospital, Department of Geriatric and Rehabilitation Medicine Unit
  • Dr Ayesha Mohamed - Deputy-Head of Royal Adelaide Hospital, Department of Geriatric and Rehabilitation Medicine Unit
  • Dr Haresh Arunasalam
  • Dr Fredrick Boyle
  • Associate Prof. Toby Commerford
  • Dr Miriam Cursaro
  • Dr Monowar Hossain
  • Dr Jessica Huang
  • Dr Alicia Innis
  • Dr Michelle Kee
  • Dr Lucy Pittolo
  • Dr Reena Tewari
  • Dr Ashlesha Vaidya
  • Dr Stephanie Wong
  • Dr David Yu

Our services

Our services include:

  • EDGE team (Emergency Department Geriatrics Over-Eighty) – an acute geriatric service similar to the Acute Medical Unit aimed at older patients
  • Inpatient Geriatric Ward – for older patients requiring more specialised geriatric care
  • Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) unit at Hampstead Centre
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation at Hampstead Centre
  • Specialist Geriatric unit at Hampstead Centre - caring for patients with BSPD due to dementia
  • Ortho-geriatric service – a shared-care model caring for older patients presenting with a fractured hip
  • Care Awaiting Placement (CAPS) in a residential aged care facility (Lourdes Valley and Hampstead Centre)
  • Consult liaison services

Community services

We also offer community based outreach services including:

Geriatrics In-The Home (GITH)

Referrals to GITH are considered for:

  • Over 65 years or older, or 50 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) who reside in the CALHN catchment area
  • Have potential for improvement in health and function within the duration of GITH (around 10 days)
  • Require a multidisciplinary approach
  • Have access to a telephone at home
  • It must be safe for staff to visit the patient at home
Multi-disciplinary Community Geriatric Service (MCGS)

See the MCGS fact sheet for information on referrals to this multi-disciplinary service, based at Hampstead.

Outpatient clinic services and locations

We offer a variety of outpatient clinics across our sites, with our Geriatricians responsible for triaging patients to required and appropriate services once referrals are made.

Falls clinic

Clinic operates on a fortnightly basis.

Clinic is located at Sefton Park

Memory and cognitive clinic

Clinic operates on a weekly basis, as part of the CALHN Memory Service.

Clinic is located at:
Adelaide Day Surgery, Outpatient Department, Ground floor
18 North Terrace
Adelaide 5000
(Opposite side of the road to the RAH)

General geriatrics and aged care clinic

These clinics aim to look at the elderly with multiple comorbidities which do not fall into the clinics above.

This may be a combination of frailty, falls, cognitive issues and general medical issues.

This clinic is held in three different locations:

  • Clinic operates in Adelaide metro area - twice a week.
    Clinic is located at:
    Adelaide Day Surgery
    Outpatient Department, Ground floor
    18 North Terrace, Adelaide 5000

    (Opposite side of the road to the RAH)
  • Clinic operates in Mount Barkerfortnightly
    Clinic is located at:
    Mount Barker Community Centre
    Geriatrician Clinic
    87 Wellington Road
    Mt Barker 5251
  • Clinic operates in Port Augusta — monthly
    Clinic operates at:
    Port Augusta Hospital
    71 Hospital Road
    Port Augusta SA 5700
Rapid access clinic

The Rapid Access Clinics enable the rapid assessment of patients that need to be seen more urgently.

In considering referrals to this service we aim to provide a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) to assess and treat a variety of conditions common in older and more frail individuals. With the ultimate goal of improving patients' physical and mental health and promote independent and quality of life, through providing a holistic and personalised approach for each patient.

Please ensure a detailed clinical report accompanies the referral for the rapid access clinic.

Alternatively, discuss this with the on-call consults Geriatrician or Registrar through RAH switchboard on (08)7074 0000.

Patients are triaged once referred.

Clinic is located at:
Adelaide Day Surgery
Outpatient Department, Ground floor
18 North Terrace
Adelaide 5000
(Opposite side of North Terrace to RAH)

Referrals information

Access to our outpatient clinic services require a written referral from a GP.

This will need to be faxed or emailed to the RAH OPD Central Hub.

Referrals are then triaged according to clinical urgency.

An appointment date and time will be made and posted out to patients with information on the clinic they have been triaged to.

We do NOT accept referrals for capacity assessments.

Telephone referral: 1300 153 853

Fax referral: (08) 7074 6247

Email referral:

Internal referrals should utilise M60.

Information for referring GPs
  • Please define your referral reason so that it can be triaged to the appropriate service
  • To ensure appropriate and timely triage, include all demographic and clinical details as well as relevant investigation results
  • All referrals are triaged by the service according to clinical urgency
  • If you are concerned about any delay to the appointment or if there is a deterioration in your patient’s condition, please contact the consult Geriatrics Registrar via the RAH switchboard on (08) 7074 0000
  • Patients who are unstable and require immediate assessment should be sent directly to the RAH Emergency Department
Regional patient referrals

We have two sites outside of the Adelaide metro area for regional patients to attend.

If referring to a regional site (Mt Barker or Port Augusta), please include this request in your written referral to us.

Patient information

Please refer to aged care services (geriatric) for more patient focused information.

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