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Who you will see and what to expect at RAH Pelvic mesh clinic


The Pelvic Mesh Clinic, located at the Royal Adelaide Hospital(RAH), aims to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary health care for all South Australian women experiencing major complications related to pelvic mesh implants.

About the RAH Pelvic Mesh Clinic

The clinic brings together experts from various specialist health backgrounds and disciplines to work together as a team to review each patient’s individual case. Clinical experts will assist with specialist surgical advice, pain management, continence management, pelvic floor physiotherapy, uro-gynaecology, psychology, colorectal and urology assessments, as required. The benefits of multidisciplinary health care are:

  • provision of care in accordance with nationally agreed-upon standards and guidelines
  • enhanced knowledge resulting from the collaboration of various clinical specialists
  • increased patient involvement in the decision-making process
  • an improvement in quality of life, mental health and overall wellbeing.

In our experience, and many research studies have shown, that combining multiple specialised healthcare approaches with you as the centre of the team works best.

During your appointments, the health professional will assess your previous medical records and discuss with you your medical and surgical history. It would help to bring a list of your current medications and surgical history with you to your appointment. The health professional may also ask personal questions about your social and sexual history. This is to better understand the complex issues that are most impacting your quality of life.

Appointment checklist

  • Appointment (if known)
  • Up-to-date medication list (if applicable)
  • Bladder diary (if applicable)
  • Bowel/diet diary (if applicable)
  • Pain assessment (if applicable)

Multidisciplinary teams


For enquiries to any of the above information or other queries you may have please contact:

RAH Pelvic Mesh Clinic -Nurse Consultant
Mobile: 0466 927 997 or

RAH Outpatient Call Centre
Telephone: 1300 153 853

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