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Outpatient Information

The Spinal Outpatients Clinic provides specialist services for patients with spinal disorders who are referred for assessment by a medical practitioner, and via internal referrals. The spinal clinics offer services to all patients residing across the metropolitan/country local health networks (LHNs) and some adjacent regions of New South Wales and Victoria for whom SA services are more accessible.

Contact Details:
RAH (08) 7074 0000 Fax Number (08) 7074 6247
Outpatient Call Centre 1300 153 853Wayfinding: 3G.2 Area 6

Referral Process Triage

All referrals to spinal outpatient clinics are assessed to determine urgency. Referrals are assessed to ensure patients are seen / assessed in clinically appropriate time frames based on triage category. All referrals to this service MUST be sent with the SPINAL OUTPATIENT REFERRAL FORM.

It is mandatory for completed forms to be faxed or posted to RAH Spinal Outpatient Services. Failure to do so will result in the referral being returned for completion prior to processing and triage.

Appointments will not be allocated until an appropriate referral is received

  • A triage system identifies priority cases which are usually allocated an appointment in the Spinal Surgical Clinic.
  • Some of the remaining non-urgent cases are allocated to the Spinal Assessment Clinic at the RAH. Please note, non-urgent cases that do not require specialist assessment may not be offered an appointment, or may be managed via a Virtual Clinic service (see details below).

Clinical Categories/Process

Our services/procedures

Spinal outpatient appointments


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