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Neurosurgery (brain, nerve and spine disorders)


The Neurosurgery service for Central and Northern Adelaide is based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). Appointments are accepted from your GP or another medical practitioner.

Neurosurgery is involved in the assessment and treatment of a range of brain, nerve and spine disorders.

All referrals are triaged based on clinical priority.

Contact details

Neurosurgery Outpatient clinics Wayfinding:- 3F 186.10

Neurosurgery Spinal Assessment Clinic Wayfinding:- 3G 326.02

Telephone RAH: (08) 7074 0000

Fax number: (08) 7074 6247

Outpatient call Centre: 1300 153 853

If visiting an inpatient, please enquire at front desk at entrance to hospital for further information.

RAH map

Please use the appropriate Wayfinding code (above) to find the outpatient clinic.

Please refer to the information sheets below for information regarding the outpatient service.

Referral from your GP or other medical practitioner

You need a referral letter from your GP or medical practitioner to access this service.

Your doctor will need to fax your referral letter to us. We will be in contact with you within clinically recommended times, depending on waiting list length. If there is no waiting list, you will receive an appointment booking letter or we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

You may also be referred to neurosurgery via the Emergency Department.

Telephone consultations

In the first instance, you may be contacted by Neurosurgery via phone. Telephone consultations allow rapid access to Neurosurgery.

Neurosurgery Spinal Assessment Clinic (SAC)

A triage system identifies priority spinal cases which are usually allocated an appointment directly in a consultant led clinic.

Semi-Urgent and Non-urgent cases are allocated to the Neurosurgery Spinal Assessment Clinic at the RAH (SAC). Please note, non-urgent cases that do not require specialist assessment may not be offered an appointment, or may be managed via a Virtual Clinic service

The SAC provides assessment and management services for patients with spinal disorders. Physiotherapists who work in advanced practice roles consult in these clinics, with support provided by the spinal consultants as required. These clinics provide rapid assessment of patients who would normally expect to experience long wait times.

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