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Is the emergency department the best place for you?

If not, there are other options

Patient and carer information


We've compiled information and resources for ICU patients, and their carers, families and friends, for both the duration of your time in the ICU and after you leave. 

For any specific questions surrounding your loved one, do not hesitate to contact the ICU team who are always on hand to support and assist you. 

Family meeting rooms

Being admitted to ICU can be a time of anxiety and uncertainty for both patients and families. During this often stressful time, we understand the value of privacy, compassion and attentive communication with all concerned.

We have four dedicated family meeting rooms that we can use when communicating with our patients’ loved ones, relaying information in a private and peaceful environment.

You can request to have a family meeting to discuss the progress of your loved one by speaking to one of our ICU nursing staff.

Telehealth with patients and staff

Since 2020, the RAH ICU, like all highly sensitive clinical spaces, has had to rapidly adapt to the challenges of the COVID pandemic. 

Visiting and communication has changed as required and we have employed telehealth communications to facilitate conferences, family meetings and health updates for those unable to be in the ICU due to illness, location or other unforeseeable circumstances.

If you are unable to visit the ICU in person but would like to arrange a telehealth conference with treating staff, or with a an ICU patient, our staff can assist in setting up a video call.

Support after leaving intensive care

The RAH ICU runs a dedicated, post-intensive care unit peer-support program called Survive and Thrive. 

The program connects our ICU patients and families with others who have experienced the being in the ICU, so that they can share their collective knowledge and experience, and assist each other during the recovery process. 

The program has a multi-disciplinary leadership group with physiotherapists, nurses, doctors, speech pathologists and other health professionals, as well as patient representatives to guide the aims and objectives of the program.

Download the Survive and Thrive brochure to read more about the program (coming soon).

To find out more, speak to one of the ICU clinical staff or contact the program team via email:

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