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COVID-19 Coronavirus

Information for our workforce

Visitors and patient screening (surgery & concierge)


This page provides information for staff on the current patient screening requirements and visitor guidelines.

Visitor guidelines

To help protect our patients, visitors and staff from COVID-19 we are temporarily restricting visitors.

Visitors are currently able to come to the hospital on site only for compassionate reasons and for when they are critical to care. This includes end-of-life visits, where there are support care needs in addition to clinical care (e.g. mental health), for cultural support, where we are providing young people with treatment and they require their parent, or in an emergency

CALHN has the following resources and tools for staff:

Exemptions may be granted for compassionate reasons at the discretion of the clinical health team. Please let the front door screening staff know of any exceptions, so they are aware and can fast-track those visitors as much as possible.

Do visitors need to wear masks?

Masks are mandatory for all people present in healthcare and aged settings.

Are unvaccinated visitors allowed on site at the RAH and TQEH?

Yes. Unvaccinated visitors are allowed on site. When visiting public hospitals during COVID-19, there are some guidelines to follow to ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors. You can find out more detail here.

Public health screening and concierge guidelines

Managing people through our sites is the responsibility of all staff.

Visitors to all CALHN sites should be screened at both the ward and entrance level. At sites without front door screening such as Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, screening is occurring at the ward level.

The latest COVID-19 LHN Concierge Visitor screening questions are below.

COVID-19 Information

Find out more about COVID-19, including visitor restrictions, changes to our operations and information on where you can get your COVID-19 vaccine.

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