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Support the Centre for Creative Health


The opening of the Royal Adelaide Hospital saw the establishment of the Centre for Creative Health, to drive the hospital’s best practice arts in health programs.

The Centre for Creative Health aims to improve the quality and experience of healthcare through art and design, from living a healthy lifestyle, through to prevention, treatment, recovery and end of life care.

International clinical evidence suggests art programs, public art and surrounding environments have the ability to improve patients’ health and wellbeing.

The Centre drives the RAH’s arts in health programs, and incorporates visual, sound and performance art in a range of settings across the hospital precinct.

In addition, the Centre works across the biomedical precinct (Adelaide BioMed City) to create cross-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations, positioning South Australia as a research leader in this important field.

To support the sustainability of the arts in health program, the Centre has been established with a dedicated fundraising mechanism and its own board. 

The Centre for Creative Health Board, under The Hospital Research Foundation’s governance, seeks donations and oversees the flow of donations to the Centre.

One hundred per cent of donations made to the Centre are directed through The Hospital Research Foundation to the arts, design and creative health programs and projects to benefit patients, families and staff at the RAH.

The Centre for Creative Health builds on the art and design woven into the architecture of the RAH (murals, gardens and sculpture), by providing arts and design programs and projects to improve the quality and experience of healthcare for patients, families and hospital staff.

Please show your support for the RAH’s Centre for Creative Health by visiting the Centre for Creative Health website ( or phone (08) 7074 1434 for further information.

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