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Is the emergency department the best place for you?

If not, there are other options

Conditions, services and clinics


Supported by the latest innovations, the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) offers a range of specialist services and clinics to deliver vital healthcare to the local community, as well as residents across our state and further afield.

Care is provided to people staying in our hospital (inpatients) and to those who come to the RAH for an appointment or day treatment (outpatients).

Medical conditions
Specialist services or clinics available at RAH
Aged care service Geriatric medicine
Brain function Neuropsychology
Chronic disease (MACS) Multidisciplinary Ambulatory Consulting Service
Clinical Genetics Adult Genetics Unit (Inherited diseases)
Diabetes, gland & hormone disease Diabetes & endocrinology
Eye & vision problems Ophthalmology
High Risk Foot Podiatry
Heart conditions Cardiology
Liver, stomach & intestinal diseases Liver / Hepatology Clinic
Mental illness Psychiatry & psychology
Metabolism, gland or hormone disorders Endocrine and metabolic service
Renal Kidney, Nephrology and Dialysis services
Women's health conditions Gynaecology, breast & endocrine
Having surgery
Specialist services or clinics available at RAH
Bone & joint surgery Orthopaedic
Bowel surgery Colorectal
Ear, nose, throat, head & neck surgery Otorhinolaryngology, head & neck
Elective surgery & pre-admission Pre-operative Assessment Clinic
Eye surgery Ophthalmology
Hepatobiliary surgery Liver, gall bladder & bile duct
Neurosurgery brain, nerve and spine disorders
Urinary surgery Bladder, kidney, prostate
Vascular surgery Artery or vein

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