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Research governance is concerned with the principles, requirements and standards of research. It addresses protection of research participants, the safety and quality of research, privacy and confidentiality, financial probity, legal and regulatory matters, risk management and monitoring arrangements, and promotes good research culture and practice.

Prior to commencing a research study at CALHN, Research Governance approval must be obtained in addition to Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval, with the exemption of Quality Assurance and Audit studies which only require HREC approval. It is recommended that researchers consult with CALHN Research Services prior to completing a submission for the first time.

It is important that research involving human participants is conducted in a manner that respects and protects all involved, including the researcher, the research participants and the Institution. Obtaining human research ethics approval helps to ensure that the research is carried out professionally and takes into account relevant legal, ethical, organisational and cultural standards.

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