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Is it really an emergency?
If not, there are other options for you

Contact information


Get in touch with the right people

Specific enquiries may be addressed using relevant contact details listed below.


  • For medical or mental health emergency, please call 000 or present to your local Emergency Department.

Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) switchboard

  • Telephone: (08) 7074 0000

Urgent and serious referrals

If your patient needs an urgent and serious outpatient referral:

  1. please telephone RAH switchboard: (08) 7074 0000, and
  2. ask to speak to the specialty on-call registrar for the service required
  3. discuss details about the referral case with the on-call registrar
  4. confirm correct clinic fax or email address with on-call registrar before sending directly to the clinic required
  5. include relevant documentation with referral, requirements are detailed in the ‘health professionals‘ section (of this site) for each specialty condition.

All other outpatient referrals

or, call RAH Outpatients Department:

  • Telephone: 1300 153 853

or for outpatients (appointments), please email:

Patient enquiry

  • Telephone RAH switchboard: (08) 7074 0000

Compliments and complaints

To provide feedback about your experience at the RAH, please contact the RAH Consumer Experience team during business hours.

To speak with the CALHN Consumer Experience team, contact:

Telephone: (08) 7074 1377
Mailing address:
Consumer Experience team
Level 3, 3A477
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Port Road Adelaide 5000

Freedom of information (patients/public)

Requesting medical history or birth information, please email:

Medical records

Health professionals and patients, please email:

Lost property

Patients or visitors, please telephone:


Referral advice for lending equipment, such as wheelchairs, is managed by the RAH Equipment pool.

  • Telephone: (08) 7074 0056 or (08) 7074 0051

Note: Hospital crutches are hired through Independent Living Specialists (ILS).
Please contact ILS directly for all questions about their use.

Clinical trials/research

Medical research for treatment of diseases, please email:



For CALHN/SA Health jobs (nurse/medical/admin):

For Spotless jobs (cleaners/catering/orderly), please visit:

Medical elective placements

University (Australia and overseas), please enquire here:

Tour requests

Guitar/piano playing and singing in foyer

Please contact RAH Centre for Creative Health:

Distribution lists

Requests to be added to an email distribution list, please email:

Access cards

Volunteer services

For more information please view the RAH Volunteers web page, or contact by:

COVID-19 Information

Find out more about COVID-19, including visitor restrictions, changes to our operations and information on where you can get your COVID-19 vaccine.

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