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Is the emergency department the best place for you?

If not, there are other options

Finding your way around


Signs inside the Royal Adelaide Hospital will help you identify the floor you are on and the area you are in.

The signs use a combination of letters and numbers, for example 3E means you are on level 3 and in section E.

Each section has its own colour and artwork theme. For example, section G is blue and the artwork theme is water. 

The theme and colour assigned to each section are:

  • A - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, dark brown
  • B/C - Flora, light brown
  • D - Cultural diversity, grey
  • E - Earth, orange
  • F - Flora, green
  • G - Water, blue

Each of the above sections is serviced by a dedicated lift. This means that if you’re attending a clinic reception labelled 5F, you would take Lift F to level 5.

If you need assistance to find your way, there are touch screen information kiosks located inside the main entrance, emergency entrance, at lift D on Level 3 (near the food court) and at public car park lift lobbies B, C, D, E, F and G.

These kiosks can help you find where you need to go with on-screen maps to guide you and the option to print the directions to take with you.

Visitors who would like to speak to a friendly face can also seek assistance from hospital volunteers and staff stationed at the main entrance enquiries desk or at other reception areas.

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