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CRIPS Terms and Conditions

  • Each grant award is a maximum of $200,000 (GST inclusive) over two years (i.e. $100,000 per financial year).
  • Successful awards announced during CALHN Research Week in the same year of application.
  • NOTE: Ethics/Governance requirements must be approved by July 2025.
  • Funds will only be available from 1 July 2025 (up to $15,000 may be pre-released prior to July, to support staff preparing ethics/governance submissions).
  • The following will be managed by CALHN Research Services:
    • Collaboration and/or Service agreements.
    • Financial Statements – due 31 July 2026 & 2027.
    • Reporting - all reports should be submitted to CALHN Research Grants on the reporting template. provided to grant recipients.
      • Progress reports - due 6 Monthly
        • 31 Jan 2026
        • 31 Jul 2026
        • 31 Jan 2027
    • Final Report - due 30 September 2026
  • Progress reports to document continued compliance with eligibility criteria.
  • CI’s to notify CALHN Communication & Public Relations regarding promotional opportunities.
  • Acknowledgement of funding support from the RAH Research Fund must be included in any presentation/paper arising from the research. Use the following acknowledgement:
    • Funding for the study was provided by a competitive research grant from the Clinical Rapid Implementation Project Scheme of the Central Adelaide Local Health Network, funded by the RAH Research Fund administered by the Health Services Charitable Gifts Board.
  • Project grant may be terminated if above criteria are not fulfilled.

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