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Quality improvement


The RAH ICU has a strong commitment to safety and high-quality patient-centred care. 

Safety and quality in the ICU

Patient safety and quality care are top priorities in intensive care units (ICUs). Given the complexity and high acuity of ICU patients, clear systems and processes are essential to maintain patient-centred and safe care.

Utilising frameworks like the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards ensures consistent standards and facilitates quality improvement programs.

The RAH ICU is committed to implementing effective quality improvement programs. Key areas include patient safety, clinical effectiveness, patient-centred care, timeliness, and efficiency. Successful projects focus on delirium management, peer support for survivors, and end-of-life care.

In 2023, the ICU won the SA Health Award for Safety and Quality for a unit-wide project on arterial blood gas sampling practices.

Opportunities for quality improvement

RAH ICU offers various opportunities for engagement in safety and quality activities. These include leading or participating in projects, attending audit activities, like M&M and situational judgement reviews, and joining Special Interest Groups.

The ICU also provides funded training positions affiliated with institutions like the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. Special Interest Groups explore projects on critical care environmental impacts and end-of-life care, offering abundant opportunities for mentorship.


NSQHS standards

Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

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