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Working at CALHN sites during COVID


Working at CALHN sites

This page provides information for CALHN staff on a range of workplace related items.

Information on staff wellbeing can be accessed from the staff wellbeing page.

Staffroom etiquette

COVID-19 outbreak data from interstate Australian healthcare facilities indicates that staff-to-staff cross-infection risk is highest in break/tea rooms when an asymptomatic staff member (unknowingly infectious) eats with their colleagues.

For this reason, CALHN staff are advised to eat and drink in isolation with your own cutlery, outside wherever possible, and limit the use of tearooms to storing and heating meals, following a recommendation agreed to at IMT on 28 December.

Follow these strategies to minimise risk to yourself and others:

  • do not attend work if you are unwell
  • avoid eating at desks or in shared spaces with others
  • perform hand hygiene before and after eating
  • clean preparation areas and tables before and after with a disinfectant/detergent wipe
  • wear your mask whenever you are not eating or drinking
  • maintain 1.5m distancing from other staff
  • eat outdoors in allocated areas or in the gardens whenever possible


As of 11 May, following advice from Clinical Worker Health, staff (including clinical) can conduct face-to-face meetings (and training) indoors but must remain wearing masks (N95 masks for clinical staff, surgical masks for those in non-patient facing areas).

Please maintain the following practices

  • perform hand hygiene
  • maintain 1.5m distancing from other staff
  • always wear your mask
  • it is strongly encouraged that eating or drinking is done away from others or outside.

Consider using MS teams or Zoom (or think about whether a meeting is necessary).

Staff events and functions

When planning a function or an event with your colleagues, please follow COVID-safe behaviours to reduce the risk of infection.

Does it need to be a face-to-face event or could it be online?

If the event is inside at a CALHN hospital site please follow the below:

  • while there are no density limits, please remember to ensure there is room to physically distance
  • please wear masks at all times
  • It is strongly encouraged that eating or drinking is done away from others or outside

Work-related visitors coming onsite

Work-related visitors and stakeholders are able to come onsite our hospitals and attend face-to-face meetings but must wear masks at all times and be physically distanced.

Visitors must undertake a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and have a negative result before coming onsite.

What to do if you are required to isolate or quarantine

If you are awaiting the results of a COVID test or are required to isolate or quarantine, please ensure you advise your line manager and complete the

CALHN self-isolation reporting form -

Car parking at hospitals

On 12 April 2020 the State Government announced financial support to enable access for all hospital workers for the duration of the major emergency declared in response to COVID-19. This includes:

  • A waiver of staff fortnightly car parking charges paid via payroll deductions across SA Health metropolitan hospitals; or
  • Free access to public transport upon presentation of valid hospital identification; or
  • Reimbursement for non-site related car parking up to $101 per month, per person, upon proof of expenditure.

This is available to SA Health employees and contracted service providers who work for SA Health metropolitan hospitals, Statewide Clinical Support Services and SA Ambulance.


Working from home

To help reduce the number of staff on our sites, non-patient facing staff that are not required to the essential operations of CALHN are recommended to work at home.

Please be aware that if you are working from home you may be required to come on site at short notice at your manager’s request should circumstances require it.

If you are working at home, please complete a 'working at home’ form as soon as possible (even if you have previously completed one). Approved applications are valid for 30 days, at which time a further application will be required.

While working at home, staff are encouraged to complete mandatory training within Learning Central.

Resources and guides
Work from home tools

Remote email access

Accessing the SA Health network

Staff requiring access to the SA Health network will need to submit a registration form through Digital Health. Staff will need to use their own Wifi.

Additional guides and resources are available here.

COVID-19 local workforce planning toolkit (Oct 20)

The COVID-19 local workforce planning toolkit is to assist and guide managers with the development and implementation of risk mitigation and contingency planning strategies to minimise the potential of staff absence due to the requirement to self-isolate and/or contracting COVID19 within the workplace. It is acknowledged that not all strategies will be practical in all clinical and non-clinical areas. Download the COVID-19 local workforce planning toolkit here.

Gifts and donations

All donations over the value of $50 must be registered in the CALHN gift and benefits register and managed by the CALHN Logistics team to ensure fair distribution amongst staff.

This will also allow CALHN to record where the donations are coming from so we can thank the person/s or organisation.

Upon receipt of a gift or an offer of a gift with a value greater than $50 which is COVID-19 related the matter must be documented and emailed to with COVID-19 donation in the subject line with the following information:

  • Name of recipient, position and business unit
  • Date of gift/ benefit received
  • Description of the gift/ benefit
  • Estimated value ($)
  • Name of donor
  • Reason for accepting the gift/ benefit

The OCEO Admin Team will receive the email, record the detail in the CALHN Gifts and Benefits Register and forward the detail of the offer to the

The offer will be considered by the COVID-19 CALHN Logistics Team in line with OWI04706 and communication will be made direct with the person/group offering the gift/benefit.

COVID-19 Information

Find out more about COVID-19, including visitor restrictions, changes to our operations and information on where you can get your COVID-19 vaccine.

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