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Working at CALHN sites


Working at CALHN sites

Information for CALHN staff on a range of workplace related items. 

Information on wellbeing can be accessed from the staff wellbeing page.

Working from home

Please be aware that if you are working from home you may be required to come on site at short notice at your manager’s request, should circumstances require it.

If you are working at home, please complete a 'working at home’ form as soon as possible (even if you have previously completed one). Approved applications are valid for 30 days, at which time a further application will be required.

While working at home, staff are encouraged to complete mandatory training within Learning Central.

Resources and guides

Work from home tools

Remote email access

Accessing the SA Health network

Staff requiring access to the SA Health network will need to submit a registration form through Digital Health. Staff will need to use their own wifi / internet connection.

Get additional guides and resources

COVID-19 local workforce planning toolkit (Oct 20)

The COVID-19 local workforce planning toolkit is to assist and guide managers with the development and implementation of risk mitigation and contingency planning strategies to minimise the potential of staff absence due to the requirement to self-isolate and/or contracting COVID-19 within the workplace. 

It is acknowledged that not all strategies will be practical in all clinical and non-clinical areas. 

Download the COVID-19 local workforce planning toolkit

Gifts and donations

All donations over the value of $50 must be registered in the CALHN gift and benefits register and managed by the CALHN Logistics team to ensure fair distribution amongst staff.

This will also allow CALHN to record where the donations are coming from so we can thank the person/s or organisation.

Upon receipt of a gift or an offer of a gift with a value greater than $50 which is COVID-19 related the matter must be documented and emailed to with COVID-19 donation in the subject line with the following information:

  • Name of recipient, position and business unit
  • Date of gift/ benefit received
  • Description of the gift/ benefit
  • Estimated value ($)
  • Name of donor
  • Reason for accepting the gift/ benefit

The OCEO Admin Team will receive the email, record the detail in the CALHN Gifts and Benefits Register and forward the detail of the offer to the

The offer will be considered by the COVID-19 CALHN Logistics Team in line with OWI04706 and communication will be made direct with the person/group offering the gift/benefit.

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