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Important COVID contacts for staff


COVID contacts for CALHN staff

We often get questions from people wanting advice on who they should speak to about COVID-19 issues.

Your first port of call should always be to check this website for the most up to date information and speak to your manager. This site is regularly updated with staff information and resources.

If after checking the COVID information on this website and speaking to your manager you’re still unsure where to go, you can email CALHN’s Network Incident Command Centre (NICC) who can filter your enquiry to the right area.

See an organisational chart of the Incident Management Team.

These are the areas the cells of our IMT look after:

  • PPE – Logistics
  • Vaccination – Operations
  • Leave during COVID – Planning
  • Visitor guidelines – Operations
  • Screening patients/COVID testing – Operations
  • Bed capacity – Operations
  • Workforce planning – Planning
  • Staffing resources – Planning
  • CALHN’s COVID response ie CoSTAT matrix, plans etc – Operations
  • Psychological support – Operations
  • Where to find information – Communications

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