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Getting ready to leave


Your discharge will be planned after you arrive at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. For your convenience, we will discuss your expected discharge date as soon as possible with either yourself or your carer.

You should expect to be discharged by 10am. This helps to allow other patients to start their treatment.

Prior to discharge, please ensure that you have received prescriptions for medications, and information for follow up appointments.

Patients and/or carers need to make sure they clearly understand all discharge instructions.

How am I getting home?

All patients are responsible for arranging their own transport home, regardless of how they arrived.

Please have your transport arrangements made the day prior to your discharge.

Remember, you may be eligible for financial reimbursement via a state funded Patient Assisted Transport Scheme (PATS).

Assistance and advice is also available from the nursing staff, social workers, our Rural Liaison Nurse and the Aboriginal Health team if required.

Ensuring you leave hospital and arrive home safely is important to us.

Discharge appointments

Upon discharge, you may be required to attend an appointment at a later date in the Outpatients Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Some of your follow-up appointments may be able to occur closer to home, so don’t forget to ask.

If you are staying in Adelaide following your discharge, let the hospital know where you are staying in case they need to contact you about future appointments and follow-up.

After an admission to hospital, your General Practitioner (GP) will also be faxed or emailed a letter summarising your admission and follow up care requirements. It is important to ensure we have your correct GP details.

Questions to consider prior to discharge

It is important to have a discharge plan before you leave hospital. Some questions to consider include:

  • How will I get home? Do I need help making transport arrangements?
  • What time will I be discharged?
  • Will I need equipment at home?
  • When I am at home, will I need help with dressings, shopping, cleaning?
  • Have I got my PATS form signed?
  • Where will my follow up appointment/s be located?
  • Do I need to take any prescribed medicine home with me?
  • Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please do not hesitate to ask your nurse if you are unsure of your discharge plan.

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