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Close contact? What to do


Healthcare worker close contacts

When can I return to work?

If staff members are critical to healthcare service delivery and return a day one negative PCR test, they can return to work with additional precautions with permission from an authorised manager.

The following authorised managers can determine whether staff are able to return to work:

  • Medical Head of Unit (or equivalent such as Senior Staff Specialist),
  • Nurse Unit Manager or Nurse Manager,
  • Allied Health Discipline Manager,
  • Senior Business Consultant, after seeking advice from a senior clinical team member of their program,
  • Service manager of non-clinical services, after seeking advice from CWHS.

To ensure risks are mitigated, please follow the information on the staff furlough and return to work page.

What if I am a close contact and am unwell?

If you are a close contact and are unwell and unable to attend the workplace, and have NOT tested positive to COVID-19, you will need to access your sick leave.

What if I am required to care for my child or family as a close contact?

If you are required to care for a child or family member with COVID you can take carer’s leave. Evidence of the need to access carers leave for COVID-19 purposes may be required in line with existing requirements for accessing sick leave. Such evidence can include official SA Health or SA Pathology communications sent via text.

When can non-essential close contact staff return to work?

If you are a close contact and your manager deems that you are not essential for the delivery of care and you can work from home, with the relevant approval, please do so.

Household close contacts who can work from home and remain separated can return to site on day 6 following a negative PCR test.

Household close contacts who can work from home but can’t remain separated can return to site on day 7 if their day 6 PCR test is negative.

Who do I need to contact?

If you test positive you need to inform your line manager and complete the CALHN online form. You will need to remain away from the workplace for 7 days, and may access COVID Special Leave with Pay. See more on what to do if you test positive for COVID-19.

For more information on close contacts visit SA Health.

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