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Endocrine & metabolic service


The Central Adelaide Endocrine and Metabolic service provides inpatient and outpatient services for patients living in the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) with endocrine and metabolic disorders. Priority service is provided to disorders which cause severe metabolic derangement or are potentially life-threatening, if untreated.

Areas of expertise include:

- Adrenal gland disorders - Addison's Disease - Cushing's Syndrome - Diabetes Mellitus - Pre-Diabetes - Type I - Type II - Gestational - Disorders of the bone/Calcium metabolism - Osteopenia - Osteoporosis - Paget's Disease - Disorders of cholesterol/Lipid metabolism - Hirsuitism - Hypogonadism - Obesity - Pituitary gland disorders - Hypopituitarism - Acromegaly - Prolactinoma - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Thyroid disorders - Hypothyroidism - Hyperparathyroidism - Thyroid nodules - Thyroiditis - Grave's Disease

Services are also provided to patients referred from rural and remote areas, including the Northern Territory, South West New South Wales and the Riverland.

For more information please view the Endocrine and metabolic outpatient service in CALHN web page.

Please note: Separate CALHN Diabetes outpatient service information is available for more diabetes specific information.

Appointment location at RAH

Outpatient Department, Level 3 and Level 5E.01.
Royal Adelaide Hospital Port Road SA 5000

Clinics at RAH

Clinics operate across both sites Monday – Friday for various endocrine disorders. Rapid access clinics for urgent review operate in conjunction with these clinics.

Consultants at RAH

  • Professor (Prof) Michael HorowitzHead of Unit (RAH)
  • Prof Peter Clifton
  • Dr Penny Coates
  • Dr Sunita De Sousa
  • Dr Janice Fletcher
  • Dr Natalie Giles
  • A/Prof Mitra Guha
  • Dr Jui Ho
  • Dr Tony Roberts
  • Dr Devika Thomas
  • Dr Campbell Thompson*
  • Prof David Torpy
  • Prof Gary Wittert

*Bulk Bill

Metabolic Bone Clinic

The metabolic bone clinic offers public and private (Medicare bulk billed) services to people with newly diagnosed or potential osteoporosis or for those who need ongoing assistance, as well as people with osteopaenia. The clinic also manages other metabolic bone diseases such as Paget’s disease.

Clinic operates at the RAH Outpatients Department level 5E.

Refer your patient

Fax referral to RAH

We accept GP and specialist referrals to this service.

All referrals are triaged by the service according to clinical urgency. Patients who are unstable and requiring immediate assessment should be sent directly to the Emergency Department.

To refer your patient, follow the outpatient service information, triage and referral guidelines, complete and fax a referral to us. For urgent referrals, also contact the service registrar to discuss the case.

To ensure appropriate and timely triage, include all demographic and clinical details well as relevant investigation results.

If you are concerned about any delay of the appointment or if there is any deterioration in your patient’s condition, contact the service Registrar on call on (08) 7074 0000.

To make a referral:

Fax: (08) 7074 6247

Telephone: 1300 153 853

Endocrine outpatients

Some endocrine conditions require long term supervision from an endocrinologist such as disorders associated with pituitary or adrenal hypo or hyper function.

However, where possible, the objective of an endocrinology outpatient appointment is to provide an assessment of the patient, an opinion regarding the key clinical issues and advice to the patient and the referring practitioner over several visits followed by formal discharge from the clinic.

This particularly applies to lesser priority conditions which may have a longer waiting time for an appointment and for which specialised drug therapies and/or disease monitoring are not indicated.

At the RAH, in addition to general endocrine clinics, a variety of “themed” clinics are held including pituitary, thyroid and osteoporosis. At TQEH, all these disorders can be referred to General endocrine clinics, where patients with diabetes are also seen.

Not all patients referred to Endocrinology can be offered appointments in CALHN clinics due to limited resources. In many cases, this triaging will be based on the history and investigations provided which suggest that a treatable endocrine condition is either unlikely to be present or could be reasonably managed at primary care level.

In most cases, the key to appropriate management is a detailed history and examination. If there is worsening in the clinical or biochemical state an updated referral could be sent. Alternatively, a verbal discussion with the endocrine service may clarify options for management.

Post-discharge guidelines and information

Patients whose condition has stabilised or resolved and for whom no further appointment has been made will be formally discharged. If there is deterioration in the clinical state requiring specialist input, a new referral, preferably a named referral (see consultant list) should be faxed to the Endocrine Department.

Health Pathways

Health Pathways South Australia is an online portal designed to be used by general practice at the point of care to guide best practice assessment, management and referral of common clinical conditions.

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