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Is the emergency department the best place for you?

If not, there are other options

COVID Care Centre


The CALHN COVID Care Centre (CCC) provides face-to-face care for COVID positive patients in the community who don’t need emergency or inpatient care and are not expected to require overnight admission.

CALHN’s CCC provides:

  • assessment and management of patients over the age of 16 years with COVID related clinical concerns
  • and adult patients incidentally COVID positive with other unrelated clinical concerns, such as other illness, minor injury, or care coordination needs.

The CAHLN CCC has access to pathology, radiology, ECGs, and other CAHLN Services.

It also administers Monoclonal Antibody Infusions (MAB) to people with confirmed COVID-19, which is intended to reduce the risk of severe illness.

You can read more about how the CCC is supporting patients here.

Who can be referred?
  • Patients who are confirmed COVID-19 positive on PCR within 10 days of symptom onset (up to 14 days if remains symptomatic beyond 10 days)
  • Patients confirmed COVID 19- positive on a RAT and clinical features and history are consistent with COVID-19 within 14 days of symptom onset. Note: if patient positive for RAT only, patient to wear goggles and mask.

Please note patients who are beyond day 14 and asymptomatic should seek care from their own GP.

Patients are not suitable for referral

  • if they are not confirmed COVID-19 positive
  • if their oxygen saturation < 95% on room air on talking or exertion
  • if they are paediatric patients < 16 years
  • for Pregnancy related conditions > 16 weeks gestation
  • if they need resuscitation and/or emergency treatment
  • if they have persistently abnormal vital signs PR >100, BP<100, RR>22- If not meeting parameters acceptance only via discussion with CCC medial officer.

Or if they have other concerning/complicated presentations, including:

  • chest pain excluded ONLY with pre-hospital clinician concern for ischemia, embolism, other significant clinical features or medical history
  • gastrointestinal bleed (melena and hematemesis)
  • any alteration in CNS function (e.g. abnormal alteration in GCS, first time seizure) OR new onset severe headache. Headache without other presenting features may be accepted – All Headache referrals to be discussed with CCC Medical Officer
  • complex fractures or dislocations
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA), including pedestrians with injuries arising from a MVA
  • highly complex mental health comorbidities (mild anxiety/depressive symptoms related to COVID/isolation acceptable for CCC)
  • patients affected by drugs and/or alcohol
  • patients with known behaviours of concern
How are patients referred to the COVID care centre?

The CALHN CCC cannot respond to walk in patients and all referrals are via clinical referral only.

GPs can contact to get the number to contact the CAHLN CCC duty clinician.

The CAHLN CCC accepts phone referrals from GPAT, CRCT, SAAS, SA VCS, ED, Community GPs, Aboriginal Health Practitioners, Clinical Nurses and other community and hospital Specialists and Specialty Teams.

To access MAB treatment please complete the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Application for COVID-19 Positive Patients | SA Health. A clinical criteria must be met for MAB Infusion.

Please note transport can be arranged if required.

Where is CALHN’s COVID care centre located?

CALHN’s CCC is located at the within the Hospital Avoidance and Supported Discharge Service. Directions will be provided to patients on acceptance into the service.

This area is a RED ZONE and access to the service is via clinical referral only. Free parking is available onsite.

CALHN’s COVID care centre opening hours

The CALHN CCC can take referrals 7 days a week, 8.30am until 8.30pm.

COVID-19 Information

Find out more about COVID-19, including visitor restrictions, changes to our operations and information on where you can get your COVID-19 vaccine.

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