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Liver, stomach & intestinal diseases (Liver / Hepatology Clinic )


The liver/hepatology clinics within the Central Adelaie Local Health Network (CALHN) offer public and private (Medicare bulk billed) services at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) and Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) for people with any symptom or disease associated with the liver - including management of Hepatitis, liver function and diseases, cirrhosis and complications, carcinomas, hemochromatosis and iron deficiency anaemia.

Services are also provided to patients referred from rural and remote areas via virtual clinics/telemedicine.

For more information please view the Liver and hepatology outpatient service in CALHN web page.

Appointments at RAH

Outpatient Department clinics are held in Level 3F, Wing 4, RAH, Port Road.

  • Clinics operate Monday and Friday for patients with various liver diseases.
  • Nurse Led clinic for fibroscan operate Tuesday morning and a Hepatitis C clinic on Monday afternoon.

Please refer to the outpatient map below and present to your designated clinic on the day of your appointment.

Please refer to the information sheets below for information regarding the outpatient service.

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