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Clinical Services


The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) provides a comprehensive range of complex care across medical, surgical, emergency, acute mental health, outpatient and diagnostic fields. It also offers a specialist acute spinal and brain injury rehabilitation service. 

Specialist clinical services, expertise and leadership for complex health conditions and treatments.
Chronic disease Multidisciplinary ambulatory consulting service
Clinical Genetics Adult Genetics Unit
Liver and hepatology Hepatitis, Hemochromatosis
Neuropsychology Brain changes, injury or cognitive impairment
Neurology Neurological disorders, nervous system
Pelvic Mesh Clinic Urogynaecology / Gynaecology
Critical Care Services
RAH is South Australia's complex multi-trauma destination and centre for major emergencies, such as heart attack, stroke, or acute illness.
Allied Health
Allied Health services work through multidisciplinary teams to diagnose and treat a range of conditions and illnesses.
Support Services
Support services are available to ensure that patients receive the best quality care.
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